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We have fitted several models of BSA with OKO carburetors and have kits for some of these.  We currently have kits for the B-25, A-65 and the Gold Star.  We can also jet carburetors for B-40s and B-44s.  Our kit for single carb. A-65s can be doubled for Lightnings, Hornets, etc...
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BSA Goldstar
The Goldstar kit includes a K-104 carburetor and a Flange Adapter to change from the original carburetor to the OKO.  The adapter does need to have the holes for the studs widened to fit.  It also comes with extra jets for fine tuning.  this will make your Goldstar much easier to start, and provide very smooth running.
BSA A-65
Our kit for the A-65s includes a 28 or 30mm OKO carburetor and a flange adapter to convert the manifold to spigot mount.  The 28mm gives smooth idling, great throttle response and overall better performance than the AMAL MKI it replaces.  The 30mm has the same bottom and mid-range characteristics, but provides some extra top end.  We typically use the 28mm since it provides plenty of top end, except for perhaps someone who is racing.  We offer a double kit for Lightnings and other twin carb. models.  We can provide 8mm bolts to replace the studs, but have been unable to acquire the British threaded bolts. 
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BSA B-25 and B-40
These two kits were developed for B-25 and B-40 bikes used in Trials, but are also right for road use.  The B-25 uses a 24mm OKO K-101 carburetor and the B-40 uses a 26mm. We provide a flange adapter as well.  Better throttle response, smoother running and more power, especially in the low to mid-range are what these kits provide for the B-25 or its Triumph equivalent the TR-25 and the BSA B-40.  Select the kit you want and the shipping destination below.
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AJS Model 18 Trials
This kit was developed due to competing on the AJS pictured below which had an AMAL Monoblock carburetor.  We use a 26mm K-101 carburetor, jetted specifically for the AJS.  The kit comes with extra jets, a flange adapter and a 10mm heat block.  It will greatly improve throttle response and overall power compared to the AMAL, as well as easier starting.
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Vincent Rapide
We have a good customer in California who asked us to make a kit for his Vincent Rapide, as pictured below.  It uses two 30mm K-101 carburetors.  Our customer was very pleased with its performance.  The kit includes two flange adapters as well as extra jets for fine tuning.
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