OKO Kits for Bultacos 250cc to 370cc
Model 85  250cc Alpina
Model 92  326cc Sherpa T
Model 115  250cc Alpina
Model 199  326cc Sherpa T
Model 191  326cc Sherpa T
Model 213  350cc Alpina
To the left are photos of some of the Bultacos we have fitted with OKO K-101 Kits.
There are three adapters used on Sherpa Ts and Alpinas depending on the model and which carburetor the OKO is replacing.  

1)  The early 250 and 326cc Alpinas and Sherpa Ts used a flange mount manifold, so kits for these include an adapter to go from the flange to a spigot mount.  See photos to the right.

2)  Later 250cc Sherpa Ts and Alpinas used a MKII Amal that is spigot mounted.  The original adapter will take the OKO as well, but we include a new spigot to spigot adapter in the kit.  Note:  The Model 10 Sherpa T that used the IRZ carburetor also uses this adapter unless you want to switch to flange mount.

3)  Later 326 and 350cc Sherpa Ts and Alpinas used a 28mm Bing carburetor that used a spigot to spigot adapter.  Since the outlet side of the OKO is smaller, we include an adapter that replaces the original to fit the OKO.

All 250 cc Bultaco Alpinas and Sherpa T kits include 26mm OKOs.  The 326cc Sherpa T and Alpina kits also use the 26mm OKO;  We have experimented with the 28mm, but have found the 26mm gives better bottom end without sacrificing any top end.  The 199B, 340cc we fit with a 28mm, and the later 350cc Alpina kits use either 28mms or, for those who want a little more top end, we use the 30mm.

On most models, the carburetor boot will fit the end of the K-101 very nicely.  The intake on the flange mount models is back about 1/4 to 1/2 inch further than the AMALS, causing a slightly greater bend in the hose on models before 115.

The photos below show the adapter in the kit for the earlier flange mount Bultacos
The photo below  is of the spigot adapters for later 250s and 350s and early models that used the IRZ carburetor.
Above shows a flange mount kit as on the early 
250s, 326s and 350s
Above shows a spigot mount kit as on the later 326s and 350s
All Bultaco Carburetor kits come with the appropriate adapter, Allen bolts to replace the studs for the flange adapter and alternate pilot and main jets for fine tuning.  We offer a 30 day warranty with each kit.  Return it for a replacement, repair, or size exchange if you are not happy with it for any reason.
Model 159 326cc Sherpa T
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Please Note:  Early, model 10 Sherpa Ts and Model 4 Matadors had IRZ carburetors with a small spigot mount.  When mounting an OKO to one of these models you have the option to cut the stock manifold back and use a rubber sleeve for a spigot mount, or you can replace the manifold with a slightly later flange mount maniflold.  Changing to a flange manifold will require filing back a couple of the cylinder fins for fitment.  Note:  We have a few of these flange manifolds.  If you need one, or have any questions about these kits, you can call Roger at 410-635-6722, or call or text 443-821-6154.
Above, is a Model 10 with a flange manifold
Above, is an early Matador with the spigot manifold
Model 110 250cc Sherpa T
Early Matador with spigot manifold
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Kits for Fronteras and Pursangs
We have developed kits for 250cc and 360/370cc Fronteras and also for 370 Pursangs.  In most cases, the stock airbox hose will fit.  We include a new rubber sleeve for the carburetor to the intake manifold.  If you don't have a stock airbox, we carry a UNI two-stage air filter for these carburetors.
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250cc Frontera
With 32mm K-104
With 34mm K-104
Frontera 370cc
Kits for Sherpa Ts and Alpinas
Adapter on the left is for models that used the AMAL MKII and IRZ.  Adapter on the right is a step-down sleeve for models using Bings.
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If you don't see a kit here for your Bultaco, contact us.  We will work with you to develop a kit for your machine