Welcome to USA-OKO.  We are an authorized US distributor for the OKO factory in Taiwan, and are located in New Windsor, Maryland.  We keep an inventory of all sizes of OKO D slide carburetors, from 19mm to 38mm, as well as a complete stock of spare parts, and we ship within 24 hours of receiving orders.   Shipping cost is included in all carburetor orders.  Just select the shipping destination.  All parts orders within the US over $20.00 ship for free, and under $20.00 are $5.00.  We will contact international parts buyers via email with shipping costs. All payments are made through Paypal.  If you do not have a Paypal account, they allow you to pay with a credit card.  Please contact us at, or call us at 410-635-6722 (Shop) or 443-821-6154(Cell) with any questions.  Our goal is your complete satisfaction with any and all OKO products.

Many Chinese companies are now copying the OKOs and marketing them as genuine.  Though these copies look practically identical, the internal drillings are often not right, making them impossible to tune.  Many are available on Ebay, as well as through organizations marketing Chinese products, such as Alibaba.  One way to determine a genuine OKO from a copy is by the packaging.  All genuine OKOs come in packages with the Taiwan flag on the box.  The copies coming from China will usually have a white rectangle where the flag should be, denoting the carburetor size.  Also, other copies do not have the four holes for attaching the clear bowl, only the two for the metal bowl.  Buyers be warned that often genuine parts do not fit the copies, making many of them impossible to fix.
Black carburetors are available in most sizes
Chinese  Copies Hurting the OKO Reputation
K-103  Angled Top
K-102  Clear Bowl
K-101 Standard

If you know the size carburetor you want, you can select the shipping destination, jetting and color as well.  We carry all sizes in metallic and some in black.  The 24mm comes standard with the power jet.  The power jet with other sizes is special order.  Contact us if you don't see a way to order what you need.  You can also order extra jets, gaskets, the curved top and the clear bowl.
If we have no kit available for your engine you can build your own carburetor  kit here.
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Ordering a K-104, 32mm to 40mm OKO
 The K-104 Carburetors can be ordered here.  Sizes are 32mm to 40mm.  Outside diameters of the carburetor spigots is 40mm for the 32 and 34mms, 42mm for the 36mm and 45mms for the 38 and 40mms.  Please note that the 40mms are special order and will take about two weeks to arrive from Taiwan.  Tell us the jetting if it is known.  If not, let us know using the same "box" for the engine it is to be fitted to.  We recommend getting the extra jets kit since these jets can be exchanged for others if they are not right.  That way there's no extra cost involved if jetting is not correct.
K-104 Carburetor
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Below you will find link buttons to various OKO Carburetor Kits we have developed for various motorcycles.  Click on these to see what kits are available.
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K-101 Dimensions:  All sizes from 19-30mm are the same
Intake 49mm   Spigot 34mm   Height 131mm   Length 83mm   Width 65mm
Float Bowl Options
What Happens Once I Place My Order?
Once we receive your order, we pull a new carburetor off the shelf and disassemble it so we can check and set the float level, install the proper jets and needle, make sure all fuel circuits are working properly and see that the  float needle is sealing as it should.  We then gather the needed adapters for that particular application, print out to include, a Tuning Guide and box everything for shipment.  Overnight orders are shipped the following day.  Orders received by 2:00PM Eastern time usually ship the same day.  All domestic shipments of carburetors ship via USPS Priority Mail and generally take one to three days to arrive.  Domestic parts orders under a pound ship via USPS First Class Package.  Unless otherwise requested, all international orders ship via First Class Package, taking ten to fourteen days to arrive at the farthest locations, such as Australia and New Zealand.  Contact us if you prefer a different mode of shipping and we will quote you a price.

You can contact us via e-mail at, via text at 443-821-6154, via phone call, 443-821-6154 days and 410-635-6722 evenings (ask for Roger), or you can use the text box below.  We understand that you may have many questions, and we put customer service first.  We will work with you as needed from ordering to getting the OKO properly dialed in.
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Within the first three months, if there is a problem with your carburetor you may return it to us for either repair or replacement, at our discretion.  You will just have to pay postage to ship it to us.  Once repaired or replaced we will ship it back to you and we will pay for shipping.  If there is no problem with the carburetor, but you have changed your mind about keeping the carburetor, you can ship it back to us within two weeks of receiving it.  There is a $20.00 restocking fee so we can recoup Paypal and shipping costs.  So you will receive your initial payment minus $20.00.  
Our Return Policy
Build your 19mm to 30mm OKO D slide carburetor here
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Want  a Black ONE Instead?
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